Oh man, it's totally Grammar Complaint Day here.

I hate how "sick" has become a 'compliment' word. Every single popular person in my grade says "sick" instead of, say, "awesome" or "cool." So like, now I can't say "That's sick" when someone shows me a video of a cat on LSD (for example), because they might think I mean that I think it's hilarious and send me more. Now I have to remember to use "repulsive" or "cruel" or "sadistic." Which, y'know, are more interesting words, but they're not what I would say immediately.

Also, I totally don't get the etymology behind this. Like, who decided that 'sick' should be the next 'awesome'? Who thought it would be a good idea to turn a useful negative word into an unclear positive word? Wasn't "awesome" enough?

Anyway yeah. Sometimes changing the meanings of words is fun, but usually it's just annoying. :/

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