Okay, so y'know what ruffles my feathers?

The way people use words like "everyday" or "anyone" or "everyone" when that's really not what they should be using.

For example, let's say Bobby here:

Is trying to tell Facebook that every single flower in his garden bloomed.

He would be incorrect if he said, "oh yay, everyone of my flowers bloomed!"

Yes, "everyone" is a word-- however, Bobby just raped the English language by making it refer to every one of his flowers.

Similarly, if he wanted to tell Facebook that he would be eating chocolate 24/7 as his New Year's resolution, he would not want to say, "I'm gonna eat chocolate everyday this year!"

Or if he wanted to ask Facebook if they'd seen any of the multiple Harry Potter movies, he would not want to say "hey has someone seen anyone of the 7 hp movies?"

But when that does happen, the English language calls up its big brother Latin, and Latin goes pre-medieval on your ass.

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