America vs Europe

They have a point. Like, a large one. :|


  1. People are pack-ish oriented. Most people care more about the people they know, about *their* people. Caring more about them typically makes you think they're more important. If they're all of one ethnic group, then a typical person might start thinking that one ethnic group is better because that's my people.

    I think it's kind of a survival instinct, if you didn't feel you/your people were better (aaaaages ago), you'd be less willing to fight to stay alive.

    Trying to change human nature won't work. Insulting human nature won't work well either, although venting can be useful.

    Also, who's the person next to Morgan Freeman?

    Also, toss out Queen, toss in The Beatles.

  2. Hmmm~ *strokes invisible goatee*
    I suppose that makes sense.

    I think that's Anne Hatheway.

    Oh my god. Why are they not in there?? D: