About Meh and About Radiojestica

My name isn't actually Mara, which is probably kind of obvious! Mara Kachina is my fake name that I use for anything pertaining to teh inturwebbs. Not gonna tell you my real name ¬.¬
So um yeah~
Usually I'll have a couple posts a day, although with school starting I can't guarantee that I'll be able to keep that up. I haven't yet figured out how to get emails when someone comments, so if you comment and I never reply, well sorry :( I usually reply to all comments that I notice-- so, y'know, everything on the front page and sometimes the second and third pages. :/
Also, I'll have a post every once in a while where I write and illustrate something-- so like, right now I have stuff like Irrational Fear or Grey vs Gray. Stuff like that. Sort of like Hyperbole and a Half.
Also, I like brown. That is why Radiojestica is brown-themed (well that and the name of the blog itself makes me think of vintage stuff which is usually brownish). But if you have a huge problem with the color brown, or if you absolutely loathe the layout, or something like that where you like the content of the blog but really hate the design, then email me or whatever. Radiojestica is small enough right now that I'll be able to change the visuals on a moment's notice.
Oh, and the headers are always designed by yours truly. All the swirlies are painstakingly hand-drawn with a fingerpad-mouse. Same for the drawings, when I have 'em. I use Gimp and Paintbrush.
So yeah!
Any questions? Either comment on the most recent post, or email me.