Okay, so you know all those circumstances where "X is always Y, but Y is not always X"? Like how squares are always rectangles, but rectangles aren't always squares.

Well I was doing the dishes and listening to "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne, and it occurred to me that hipsters are always douchebags, but douchebags aren't always hipsters. I decided that that relationship needs a name.

I call it the Squangle Theory of Relativity.



Mon Dieu!

Hey so I'm abandoning you all (read: the Internet) for 10 days, starting the third (Thursday). I'm going to France!

i'm going to france oh my god france france france ohjeez only five days oh god i'm gonna die


Actually I'm not quiiiite that freaked out, but I am really really really excited. I'm gonna eat LOTS of FRENCH STUFF, such as...

I'm gonna see la Tour Eiffel, and l'Arc de Triomphe, and Arles, and Nîmes, and Normandy, and PARIS.


Anyway so yeah. France, March 3rd to ?12? ?13?

Oh and my wonderful French teacher, Mme E, writes The Sabbatical Chef.


Here, Have Some Delicious Pictures of Pretty Animals

Mmmm, nudibranchs.


Bon appètit!

*lip smacking sounds*

Ah, c'est délicieux!

Oh no really, you're too kind

And now, because we all know that the most delectable things come in tiny servings...

the writers and maintainers of radiojestica, inc [namely, me] do not condone or recommend attempting to eat a nudibranch. it can only end in tears.