Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

I don't have big feet! Yours are just tiny! Freak!

Bitch I have cat ears. What now.

Don't mind me, I've just thrown my back out...

No, I wasn't attacked by a bunch of prom-bound teenage girls with curlers, why do you ask?

I'm not fat! I'm not fat! *sobbing into fat rolls*


I take all my fashion tips from Lady Gaga and David Bowie


This feathery hilarity brought to you by Neatorama.



Testing, testing, one-two-three.

I'll explain later



Hey look I don't have that ugly orange B anymore! I have my own icon! (see at the top of the tab, next to "Radiojestica")


Man, took me long enough.

This was my very first pain au chocolat!

Strawberries on Rue Cler. I swear I didn't edit the colors.

Rue Cler

This is the view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

We stayed in Paris for 5 days. The hotel was right by the Arc de Triomphe-- we had a great view, and we were right next to the Champs-Elysées.

A little €2 spyglass-type-thing on the AdT

Bonjour, Eiffel Tower!

Funny story. These people are tango-dancing... To no music. At all.

My first lunch!

Bœuf bourguingon. Mmm.

Eiffel Tower!

The graves at Normandy. The sea is melting into the sky.

Okay. This was amazing. It's caramelized apples, with caramel sauce, and the BEST FREAKING ICE CREAM EVER.

This was an armed guard at Montmartre. I'm pretty sure he noticed me, cuz I was kind of staring at him.

*end Paris*
Starting now, I'm in Provence/Avignon/south of France. When we were in Arles, we stayed at the Hôtel du Musee.

The Pont du Gard in Avignon. I drew this on the ground with charcoal.

Oh my god so goooooood

French graffiti is so much better than American graffiti. Hi, Calvin.

We made millefeuille cake with Chef Érick, Mme E's friend. Mmm.

Random church in Arromanche. I lit a candle for my namesaint here.

These are very much not all the photos I took. These are just the crème de la crème. I may or may not post the less-delicious ones later.

Geeky Pleasure of the Day

My geeky pleasure of the day: picture books.

Not, like, children's books. I mean like those giant coffee table books that are like a foot and a half tall and full of high-quality photographs.

I love those things.

When my school has its annual used book sale, I usually buy at least two coffee-table-books. Today I bought a space book and a high speed photography book. And a model airplane kit.

That table is a failure. But that's pretty much what I did all afternoon yesterday-- I'm almost done with the airplane, and then I'm gonna fly it! *overexcited face*


My Little Pony

What is this I hear about My Little Pony having new art?

*nodding head seriously* I agree completely, Captain

Compared to this, the original ponies were freaking masculine.


Okay maybe not. But they weren't... whatever those monstrosities are.