"Will" and "Shall"


"Will" and "shall" are not interchangeable. Unfortunately, that's what a lot of people seem to think-- saying "will" is acceptable for every pronoun, while "shall" is also acceptable but you should only use "shall" when you're trying to impress an English teacher, otherwise you sound pretentious and/or British. This is not so.

You know how French and Spanish have the specific patterns for verbs? Well, English does too-- sort of. For most verbs. Many, anyway.
Here is "to be" in the future tense.

I shall.
You will.
He or She will.
They will.
We shall.

In other words, anything that I am doing, you use "shall," not "will," even if someone else is also doing it.

So, for example, the picture above is grammatically incorrect-- it should say "We shall not be able to tell where he was found."

Actually, My First Dictionary has a lot of will/shall mistakes. Fortunately, it's awesome enough to make up for it. o3o

So in conclusion:

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