Controversy Time! Vol. 3

Today's controversial topic: ABORTION!
...yay. =_=;;
Eh, today I'm going to be lazy and illustrate my argument with a Facebook conversation that's going on as I type. I'm Black.
Also, sorry this post is so long. This thread got up to like 38 comments long.

Yellow just made the last comment: "chilll out i didnt see her post... and one last thing.... abortion=murder".



  1. Well, hooray hooray hooray for controversy.
    Yeah, though abortion is not a great thing, sometimes it's the only option. Babies don't get adopted right and left you know. And besides, if I was aborted, it'd just be like I was never born. It's not like I'd be condemned to eternal torment anyway. (Actually that's my argument for atheism–once your dead, you're dead, so you won't care what happens.)

  2. Yup :D
    Yeah, I thought about going "no, it wouldn't be necessarily bad, you just wouldn't exist. No one would know the difference."
    But thaaat probably wouldn't have gone over well.