Irrational Fear

I have a slight fear of tornadoes.

And by "slight fear," I mean "irrational phobia that leaves me shaking on the floor in the fetal position at the slightest hint of a thunderstorm."

And lemme tell ya? Not. Fun.

When it's cloudy at school, I spend the entire day frowning at the sky and feeling uneasy. But if it rains, I'm completely fine, as long as there's no thunder or lightning.

I'm not even sure why I'm so terrified of tornadoes. I've never even seen one in person. I mean, sure, I've seen pictures, and I've even (against my better judgement) sat through one of those horrible StormChasers episodes. But there is no reason for me to be terrified of them. I mean, I live in northeastern North Carolina! I don't even live in Tornado Alley! We rarely get tornadoes, and when we do, they're ten miles away and dinky little circular-wind-things (as opposed to on top of our house and half a mile wide).

So, this post is probably not going to be illustrated that much, because my stupid phobia prevents me from drawing them without pissing my pants. So sorry. Here, have a badly-drawn picture of a tapir instead. Tapirs make everything better (except Hannelore).

*sidles away whistling and pretending to know what a tapir's nose looks like*


So that is my fear of tornadoes, and also why you will never, ever see a picture or video or anything of a tornado on this blog. Ever. You might see a video of someone driving through a wildfire, or a video of thousands of spiders in a tree, but you will never, ever find a video of a tornado that's two miles away from the taper.


Oh! So you may or may not have noticed that in the first drawing, my hair is suddenly a lot shorter and a little darker than it has been in illustrations past. That is because I got a haircut. Now it's boy-cut-short, except for two little blonde bangs in the front that go down past my chin. That means that my hair looks darker because most of it hasn't been sunbleached at all.

So yeah!


  1. Suddenly this year I became insanely arachnophobic...I mean as in slapping myself for like five minutes at the merest brush of a spiderweb.

  2. Huh! That's weird. Like, spiders are scary and should indeed be feared, but still...