Gandalf Isn't Homeless!

Ian McKellan-- of You! Shall! Not! Paaasssss! fame-- was rehearsing for Waiting for Godot, and someone gave him a dollar.

The 70-year-old actor is rehearsing Waiting For Godot in Melbourne, Australia, and was sitting in his tramp costume having a break when a passer-by gave him an Australian dollar.

He said: "During the dress rehearsal of Godot, I crouched by the stage door of the Comedy Theatre, getting some air, my bowler hat at my feet (and) seeing an unkempt old man down on his luck, a passer-by said, 'Need some help, brother?' and put a dollar in my hat."

Gotta say though, I thought the two guys in Waiting for Godot were supposed to be younger. It doesn't say in the play itself, but I kinda assumed they were more 35-ish than 70-ish. Maybe there's a time lapse or something. :B


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