No Happy Ending/Controversy Time! Vol.2

Picture this.
You’re a boy, and madly, madly in love with a girl named Suzie. She loves you back, and it’s almost too good to be true. You and Suzie get married and raise three healthy, happy children. Your parents are awesome grandparents for them, and everyone’s happy. You live a life of relative luxury, safe in your middle-class home, going out to eat every once in a while, and you’re able to hold Suzie’s hand in public without blinking an eye. You and Suzie live happily ever after!

Now, imagine if you were a girl. You and Suzie are still madly in love, but you can barely go out in public without being humiliated. Your parents have disowned you, and you struggled to find a good job. You adopt two children, and love them as if they were yours. You and Suzie weren’t able to get married, because it’s illegal, but you’re content to live with her, at least. You never go out to eat anymore, because you’re always thrown out of the restaurants. Your grandparents hate you, too, and you’ve become the estranged cousin that you always heard about. Your lives aren’t horrible, but sometimes the local boys come and spray-paint “fags” on the side of your house, or throw rocks through the windows. Sure, your lives aren’t exactly what you’d always dreamed, but it’s all the same in the end, right? Right?

And here we are, arrived at the big question: Since when was loving someone wrong?

So kudos to Canada, for being the 4th nation to legalize gay marriage for five years now. The United States of America needs to get its conservative, bigoted ass in gear.

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