Blogs of Note (the Mara edition)

Hyperbole and a Half- hilarious, punctuated by Paint drawings, and true to its name, HaaH is one of the funniest and best blogs out there. :)
TYWKIWDBI- where I get most of my news, and also links to funny/interesting/WTF/historical/etc pictures, articles, and videos.
Steam Me Up, Kid- Yeah, I don't even know how Becky is as funny as she is.
Monster Apathy- just started reading this today, but so far it's had penis jokes, a double-pistol-toting panda, and dinosaurs. All this in 2 posts.
For The Lose- By my wondiferous internet FSM-buddy Alien. And/or her friends (whom I don't know, but oh-freakin'-well). :D

And, um, that's all for the Blogspot blogs. Maybe someday I'll give you invisible fans out there links to the non-Blogspot-blogs I read. :D

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