Controversy Time!

Welcome folks, to the first episode of Controversy Time! Your host today is the beautiful Miss Mara! Today's topic: Anti-Twihards.

Eh, yeah, that's right. We're going to be discussing (and by "we" and "discussing," I mean "I" and "writing a monologue about") the most popular, mainstream form of Twihard.

The anti-Twihard.

Buckle your seatbelts, kiddies, 'cause you're about to be faced with a whole lot of rant, philosophy, hypocrisy, and possibly some digressions that have nothing at all to do with Twilight.

So, to start: a brief timeline of the Twihard.

1. Twilight is published. Barnes & Noble rejoices because of the gigantic sales. So do nine-year-old girls-- finally, a romance book that doesn't have any S-E-X in it! This is the first form of Twihard.
2. The 9-yr-olds' sisters and mothers read the book, and are convinced by the 9-yr-old that Twilight is the best book in the history of books. These sisters and mothers are the second wave of Twihards. Somewhere in here, the movies come out.
3. Boys become aware of the series. Some are forced to read it themselves, and it instantly becomes an internet meme that boys and sane girls hate the series with all their hearts. Much to their dismay, I'm sure, the boys and girls who hate Twilight with a passion, and read it every day just so that their arguments can be absolutely sound, are the most recent form of Twihard.

Whaaaaaaat, you say? How on Earth can someone who hates Twilight with all their heart possibly be a Twihard? Psshhhht. You have much to learn, young grasshopper.

As far as I can tell, Twihards love Twilight because they genuinely like the series (usually). The same is true with the original anti-Twihards: they hate it because they genuinely hate the characters, or the writing, or the plotline, or whatever. But the ensuing waves of anti-Twihards, who now have a 10:1 ratio over the Twihards, dislike Twilight for a different reason.

Disliking Twilight is mainstream.

It's what the cool kids do. The cool kids hate Twilight. They go against the flow. They look down upon those who still like the series. So in that sense, Twihards are actually morally superior to most anti-Twihards.

It's fine not to like the series. But it takes effort to actually hate something.

So the next time you go trolling, think a little. Are you disagreeing with the Twihards because you honestly think Twilight is the bane of your existence? Or is it just because you want to feel cool and socially superior?

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