Gearing Up For Halloween 2010: story 1

Down here in Nawth Cackalacky, where Duke beats UNC and barbecue is not a verb, we have a little demon we like to call...

the Cackalacky She-Devil!

Naw then, the Cackalacky She-Devil is quite the beastie with a backstory, and hoo dogies it's a tragic one. Here goes...

There was once a beautiful woman with flowing red hair who lived in a small town in North Carolina in the 1920s. She was in love with an amazing man who loved her with all his heart. They never fought, they kissed every day, and he was planning to ask her to marry her.

But one Valentine's day, he never came home. She found out the next day that he had been driving past a graveyard at around 11.30 at night when a band of thieves had stopped the car, then murdered him when they realized he didn't have anything of great value.

Or at least, that's what they thought-- he had a 24 carat diamond ring in his breast pocket.

She was heartbroken at his death. She sank into a deep depression, cutting herself with his razor, burning herself with pokers from the fire. She spiraled down into her own personal hell, until one day when she finally snapped. She dressed in her best outfit, with perfect makeup and intricate hair, then she walked slowly around the house they could have shared forever, lighting candles in all the windows. Then she went around again, methodically setting the beautiful antique curtains alight.

She laid down in the middle of the floor and waited.

Most people, when they die, they either go the Heaven or they go to Hell.

Not her. Restless souls who still thirst for revenge become devils, doomed to live forever on Earth, never getting their revenge.

She became the Cackalacky She-Devil, hiding in trees over graveyards, waiting for cars to come by, thinking that maybe this time, it'll be the thieves coming back to collect their rewards. When a car passes underneath her tree, she leaps onto the roof and punches in the first two windows, yanking the driver and any passengers out of the moving car. She slits their throats with her razor-sharp fingernails and leaves them to die on the cold, wet grass.

The Cackalacky She-Devil has fire for hair, burning coals for eyes, fangs for teeth and flaming bat wings. When she breathes, tendrils of fire come out through her nostrils, and when she walks, the grass turns to ash beneath her feet.

And now for our feature presentation: a mashup of a bajillion photos (listed underneath) into a failure-turned-effing-awesome photoshoppery* of the Cackalacky She-Devil!

Yeah, you know you love it.

Anyway. Here are the websites used for each picture:

Graveyard in background
Girl in tree
Bat wings on girl
Fire on ground
Firy holes in her wings

The rest is my amateur's prowess!

*- Technically it's not Photoshop, it's GIMP that I used. I'm too much of a cheapskate to buy PS :B