Blogger! Seriously, Come On Now!

For this edition of Radiojestica, I bring back the UNIMPRESSED FACE:

Yes, Blogger, the rumors are true: I am still not interested in either Jesus or some stranger's family. Indeed, I can honestly say that I probably never will be, so HOLY FSM BLOGSPOT, YOU CAN STOP SENDING ME TO THOSE FRICKIN' BLOGS!


Also, a new development in Blogger's campaign to drive me bananas (this sh-t is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! this sh-t is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!)(sorry, couldn't resist :D):

Built-in, automatically-playing playlists on blogs.

As someone who doesn't really want to piss off her readers (too much, anyway), it doesn't seem like a great idea for bloggers to force their readers to listen to music that they probably aren't listening to. Like, when I'm on the computer, I almost always have music playing in the background. When an ad or a Blogger playlist interrupts my music, it's surprisingly obnoxious-- like when you're in the shower and the water keeps veering from boiling hot to freezing cold, for no apparent reason. It's not really a big deal in the long run, but HOLY CRAP it's annoying!

I am all for having links to songs, or embedded Youtube videos-- because with those, the readers have a choice on whether or not they want to listen to my music (I assume most people probably don't, but whatever :D). But I can promise you now, I shall never, ever bombard you with music without your consent.

Also under the "obnoxious internet noises" category: when you go to a new page, and there's a commercial thingy on the side, and it has sound. Like, come on! Obnoxiousness WILL NOT get people to buy your product! Use your common sense, ad people!

(also under the "common sense" category, I forgot to number the panels. Read up and down and THEN right to left, starting with the first column. Sorry)

Actually, Netflix usually doesn't have sound. They're the ones that make the pop-up ads, which are obnoxious too but usually not vocal. But Netflix is easier to draw than Clorox, so there ya go.

(the page on my computer there is my deviantArt page. In case you're wondering. Also in case you're wondering, only the Frage face and the last laptop were copy-and-pasted-- I drew the dA page (guhhhh rectangles guhhh). TWICE. *applause please*


Blogger, I appreciate your attempts to make people love you, but if you're gonna make a music app, make it so that the READER has to MANUALLY PRESS PLAY before the music starts.

Thank you!


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