Hello All

Sorry I've been gone ;^;
Faust, my hand-me-down compoopter, who is glorious and a little old (like 2 or 3 years, I think), had a spazz attack.
at first I was like YEY
Then I continued to yey
More yey
Then I was like UH
Now I'm like "fftt"
So that is what happened. Every once in a while the screen would freeze, the mouse would disappear, and the colors-- not the lines, but the colors would go all line-y and weird. Like, my gmail background is pale blue, right? It turned stripey puke green. To fix this, I had to restart the computer a couple times. Every. Single. Time.
So I lost a lot of stuff, right? Gimp doesn't save periodically. And it had been going on since last Sunday.
Anyway. So I complained to Stepdad, who is a techie guy and is the family go-to person if something goes boom, and he took Faust to the Mac store, which is where it is now. HURRAHS.

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